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Meet John

I'm a wedding filmmaker based out of St. Albert, Alberta. 6 years ago I was asked to film my first wedding, and I fell in love with it right away! I loved capturing the emotion, the details, and the love portrayed the entire day of each special couple. 

I have a wife and 2 children that mean the world to me. We love to travel and catch as many memories on camera as possible!


Revelstoke, Golden

Mountain Package - $2400
Full day of shooting 
2 Videographer
Bride Prep (Hair, Makeup, Dressing)

Groom Prep
First Look, Ceremony & Pictures
Reception, Speeches, Cake Cutting, First Dance & More
Travel & Accommodations
All footage will be edited into a 12-20 minute Wedding film. 

Additional Items

Full Video of Ceremony - $225

Second videographer to film entire ceremony with audio

Full Video of Speeches - $225

Second videographer to film all speeches with audio



Jordan + Kristina
Madi + Conor
Andrew + Lisa
Raquel + Christian
Michael + Keira
David + Alma
Breda + Keon
Jessica + Jordan

+ Clients Love

“We are incredibly pleased with our wedding video! It is such a memory that we will treasure forever. Thank you so much!”

Jessica & Jordan


Frequently Asked Questions

What is full day shooting?
We start filming about an hour before the bride puts her dress on and stay until about an hour after your dance starts. 

Can I pick my own songs?
Due to copyright laws, we choose the songs that best fit your video with licensed music.

How long are your videos?
We guarantee 8-15 minutes but on average they are around 20 minutes. 

Do you use audio recordings?
Yes, we always try to include some audio from vows, speeches, etc when possible. 

Do we provide full day RAW footage?
No. The only RAW footage we provide is the ceremony and speeches if you purchase those add-ons.

How long will it be until I get my wedding video?

This can vary. At the beginning of the wedding season (May-July) normal turn around time is 8-18 weeks. Later in the season (August-October) it may take up to 12-20 weeks. 

Preferred Vendors


Wedding Planners


We are glad you love our style! We hope to capture your wedding day!
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